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richland007 10-02-2018 09:43 PM

Is this forum dead??
I have been a HAL user since before 2007 and long before Alexa and used to love the product. However it kept letting me down. I moved to Europe in 2010 and did not have the means to use it there although i tried. Now i see that the last posts here were made in February 2018 and one in August 2018 with a few scarce ones in between. Which means either the product is too good that no one needs to talk about and try to figure anything out.... or no one is giving a damn anymore..... either way it sucks.
So please let me know if i should still keep my hopes up or i should i forget about it.

Krauzac 10-04-2018 10:52 AM

Re: Is this forum dead??
When speaking with Tyler @ HAL over the phone for a support issue, I posed the same question.
His reply was that unlike HomeSeer and the competition, Automated Living has encouraged users to call and use phone and remote support to quickly resolve problems.
The competition have forums for support and limited phone support or none at all.
I am so use to searching the web for answers, and although calling is not my first choice - HAL's support staff has never let me down, and even complemented me on finding bugs that they were unaware of.
Sure hope they come up with an Alexa skill, but that may be working against their products and Legrand integration.
I've always wanted HAL to be what I have now, whole house voice command control. We've come a long way!

dtomcat 10-18-2018 03:18 PM

Re: Is this forum dead??
I use mine with alexa... there is a software called HA-Bridge... and it allows integration with Alexa! works great!

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