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automatedliving 07-11-2003 12:02 PM

Rules of the HAL WebBoard
Welcome to the HAL WebBoard! This is where the HAL Community comes to talk about -- you guessed it -- home control! Come here to exchange ideas, share experiences, and trade tips on HAL.

Don't be shy -- just join right in. And return to the HAL WebBoard often to see what others are talking about.

Rules of the HAL WebBoard

- The HAL WebBoard is not to be used for reporting problems or making suggestions or requests regarding Home Automated Living or its products or services. Messages of this nature should be brought directly to the relevant department. If you are a Beta Team Member you should use the Beta Team Forum to report bugs and anomalies as directed within that forum.

- Be polite and use good etiquette when responding to messages. Messages will be deleted if they contain a negative tone or improper language and the user submitting messages of this type may be banned from the HAL WebBoard.

- Users that continue to antagonize or provoke other users with obnoxious, negative or abusive posts may be banned temporarily or permanently from the HAL WebBoard.

- Messages containing solicitations of products or services will be rejected.

- While the HAL WebBoard is for the community of HAL users, it is not a public WebBoard for just any topic. The HAL WebBoard is for the support and advancement of HAL products, services and its users. Submitting messages which deal with competing services, complaints or that are inaccurate, negative, disparaging, dramatic or condescending in any way will be deleted.

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