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BDD43 08-18-2015 08:52 PM

Windows 10 and now no Weather Information
My computer updated to windows 10 (Finally)...but now I have no weather being parsed. I doubled checked the settings and in the internet monitoring it is getting everything ... except the weather.

Any ideas?

BDD43 09-03-2015 07:06 PM

Re: Windows 10 and now no Weather Information
Was told I need to upgrade to version 6 and that I did not purchase content, I purchased device control. Automated Living knows it no longer works. So, my option is to purchase version 6 or continue to let things "stop" working.
The "tech" person actually stated that he assumes I think windows 95 should still work also....
Which let me know he wasn't a tech. Because ...Well, it does still work! It is just not supported. BIG difference.

I decided to stick with version 5.2....would hate to purchase version 6 for 99.00 and then they come out with version 7 for who knows what cost ....and then 6 no longer worked as sold.

dtomcat 09-03-2015 10:05 PM

Re: Windows 10 and now no Weather Information
I can understand your frustration! But keep in mind, keeping software up to date takes time and money. The system you bought was designed for a specific OS. If you upgrade your software, that isn't a company's fault. Now if it was the other way where they upgrade their software which causes it not to work, I can see an issue there. My HAL machine is still on Windows XP. I am running Version 6 and like it way better than version 5 in my opinion. There will be a Version 7... then an 8, etc... but like an OS upgrade (aside from windows 10, initially), they all cost money to upgrade as well.

BDD43 09-04-2015 08:05 AM

Re: Windows 10 and now no Weather Information
Yeah...it is on them. Instead of doing an update when the weather web site changed that they scrape from, they just went...sorry...upgrade or else. To me, it is like buying a car. New model came out so your radio stops working. Do you 'need' your radio? No. Your brakes still work, so you should continue to be happy.

The person stated it stopped working for every version except version 6 in June..regardless of OS.

I have started writing my own using Soapbox Fluent Dwelling. It is a FREE API for programming Insteon devices and it walks you through each step...VERY easy.

For 4 hours of coding; I can turn on/off/dim, discover, name, etc....on all my devices, use Microsoft speech and now working on a scheduling/scene part....and it is FREE....without HAL. I would rather put my money into myself than into a product that may stop working..whenever.

canadauser 01-18-2017 10:10 AM

Re: Windows 10 and now no Weather Information
Upgrading to Windows 10 turn out to be a disaster, my old PC crapped out ... no Windows 10 drivers available for my old hardware...had to go back to Win 7

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