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jamarotta 02-02-2019 04:46 PM

HALultra limit?
Hi Tim-

I just tried making a change to a device and HAL would not let me- Received a message popup that Halultra was limited to 100 devices.. I currently have about 120 such devices (some of which are software flags, etc.).. Was this just introduced into 7.4.1? Have never received this message before? Cannot flags, counters, timers, etc. be excluded from the total device count if introducing a limit to HALultra? Grandfathering?!.. Thanks.. Joe

jamarotta 02-02-2019 05:22 PM

Re: HALultra limit?
I reduced my total device count (by deleting some flags, timers, counters, etc) and my new total line items is 97 in the automation setup screen, yet I continue to get a '100 device limit warning' and HALultra will still not let me modify or add back any devices?
.. Joe

dtomcat 02-09-2019 09:59 PM

Re: HALultra limit?
I know the limit was added when they switched from HAL2000 (etc) to the HALbasic, HALultra, etc. So that was awhile go...

as for why you are getting the limit with only 97... I'm not sure... have tried rebooting after deleting everything? maybe it's set at boot? if you have tried... then I'm not sure.

carlh6902 02-21-2019 10:45 PM

Re: HALultra limit?
That's why I gave up on HAl. Too limited.


briodo 11-01-2019 02:42 PM

Re: HALultra limit?
According to the HAL Ultra page, Ultra is limited to 100. You will need to upgrade to Hal PRO to get a higher device capability.

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