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Default Re: HAL, Amazon Echo/Dot, SMS, and TV Control

Started going through setting this up. First got an error 500 and no devices found. Then rebooted and still no devices, but no error from the web page, just this in the cmd screen:
ERROR spark.webserver.MatcherFilter - java.lang.IllegalStateException: Expected BEGIN_ARRAY but was STRING at line 1 column 15 path $.IrButtons
at rFactory$ .java:220)
at com.bwssystems.hal.HalInfo.getDeviceButtons(HalInf
at com.bwssystems.hal.HalInfo.getButtons( :8
at com.bwssystems.hal.HalHome.getDevices( :90)
at com.bwssystems.HABridge.devicemanagmeent.DeviceRes ource.lambda$14(
at spark.ResponseTransformerRouteImpl$1.handle(Respon
at spark.webserver.MatcherFilter.doFilter(MatcherFilt

Also noticed this upon trying to save. I am running the bat file as Administrator:

[main] INFO com.bwssystems.HABridge.BridgeSettings - Cannot set permissions for config file on this system as it is not supported. Continuing
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