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Default Re: HAL, Amazon Echo/Dot, SMS, and TV Control

Just as an FYI, I recently upgraded from my DSL to high-speed with AT&T. After the installation of their new wireless router my HA Bridge would not launch with HAL. No errors, very confusing. I realized that the IP address of my HALUltra Server changed and the config file for the Bridge was still referencing my old IP address with the port used (8089).

I manually edited the habridge.config file using notepad, replacing the old IP address with the new one, then edited the device.db file using notepad, updating and replacing the old IP address within the device.db file with the new one and viola, after starting the HA-Bridge-Start.bat file the bridge came up just fine and is back working good as new.

Just thought I'd share a bit of this information with you, in case it helps others.
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