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Default Re: Internet Server Can't get email; send notifications

It seems it was working on 10/18, but then I see this in the same Error Log. I tried to revert back to 6.1.32 when it was working, but no luck there either.

HAL Internet Server V6.1.33 @ 16:17:31 On 11/7/2016
CSecureMail.m_oMailPop_Error: Port: 995, Host:, Prot: 0

************************************************** ******************************
HAL Internet Server V6.1.33 @ 16:17:31 On 11/7/2016
ERROR: Dart.SecurePop.1, 12011, A method is currently blocking the thread. Some PowerTcp methods are not reentrant. For example, if you set a timer and enter the Receive method with a Timeout, and attempt to enter the Receive method again, then this error is generated., 140
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