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Default Re: HAL, Amazon Echo/Dot, SMS, and TV Control

Originally Posted by DaveGA View Post
I have both the ECHO and the DOT. My wife loves it for music etc...... I have no desire to make this my HA device for my house.....I would however, love to use the voice recognition as a house wide MIC to HAL for the family. The thought of dropping MICs and mixers, etc...... is not attractive, but a VOIP feed direct to HAL for control of systems and feedback from HAL would be awesome.

I know this is simplistic and tougher to implement then I am depicting. I'm patient and reading and seeing what direction this all will go.


Yes, that is what I was hoping to do as well, but they do not have bluetooth microphones, only speakers. Not sure why amazon went that route, since we could be using it for phone conferences, HAL, et.,etc....maybe they will open it up one day.
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