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Default Re: Internet Server Can't get email; send notifications

Originally Posted by BDD43 View Post
I see this in the log file. I tested through my Insteon IP camera, using the same gmail account and settings and it works fine.

HAL Internet Server V6.1.35 @ 09:13:36 On 11/10/2016
CSMTP.SendMail: Encr: 0, Port: 465, Host:
ERROR: Dart.SecureTcp.1, 10060, The connection has been dropped because of a network failure or because the peer system failed to respond. Also caused when Connect, Send, Receive, Fill or Close methods are used with a Timeout parameter and the operation fails to complete within the specified number of milliseconds., 206
This is related to security on your HAL computer which is preventing the communication and is therefore timing out. Your Camera is not running Windows OS LOL...

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