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Default Re: HAL, Amazon Echo/Dot, SMS, and TV Control

I guess what I'm confused about. Can I say, "Alexa run ...,macro..." ? or "Alexa run Movie Time" ? and it work with HAL to run those setup in HAL? If so, then GREAT. If it only turns on/off/dims then Alexa already does that with Insteon devices.

Yes, the main complaint I have with the Echo is they do not allow it to be a bluetooth microphone...only a bluetooth speaker. I have an Echo and two Dots throughout the house and created several skills.
One being: "Alexa start goodnight" runs my skill which actually then runs a HAL Macro. (Turns off all the lights but one, turns down the TV volume, then turns it off, turns on the security system in 5 minutes, turns on the light in the bedroom)...

Another reason for using the bluetooth speaker is to have HAL speak notifications (another thing the Echo does not do) through the Echo or Dots.

I also have a program called just remote phone that connects to my cell phone. I wrote an add-on for it. So, when I get a text message, it reads it over my speaker: "You have a new message from Zachary. Do you still need my help in the yard?" I have another skill called reply: "Alexa tell reply, Yes I still need your help." It then sends a text message back to him. No need to find my phone.

I have a lot of ideas, just trying to piece them all together to integrate everything.
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