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If the old forum posts were available, I probably wouldn't have to ask these questions. But they aren't, so...

What are the SmartHome interface models #s that are supported in v6? I'm guessing


I have the last one (2448A7). I get stuck adding a device. I tried to add a KeypadLinc dimmer, both by putting the KPL in linking mode and by address. Either way, it never finishes. The interface works just fine in the SmartHome HouseLinc software.

I also have an ACT ZCU000 z-wave interface. I can't add it to HAL. When I select it, it asks for the serial port it's connected to, even though it's a USB device. Can't get past that.

Is it true that this and the Intermatic stick, both discontinued, are the only supported z-wave devices? I thought there was support for the VRC0P, but it isn't in the list.

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