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Originally Posted by xlurkr View Post
If the old forum posts were available, I probably wouldn't have to ask these questions. But they aren't, so...
There is nothing wrong with asking a question, emailing support or even calling the support line...

Originally Posted by xlurkr View Post
What are the SmartHome interface models #s that are supported in v6? I'm guessing

You are correct and the supported interfaces are shown on the interface setup dialog.

Since you are having problems, please let us know the model of the dimmer.

Originally Posted by xlurkr View Post
I also have an ACT ZCU000 z-wave interface. I can't add it to HAL. When I select it, it asks for the serial port it's connected to, even though it's a USB device. Can't get past that.

Is it true that this and the Intermatic stick, both discontinued, are the only supported z-wave devices? I thought there was support for the VRC0P, but it isn't in the list.
No they are not the only supported devices. Also the VRC0P Leviton Vizia RF is listed. See the image below.

Also here is a link to the VRC0P should you need one..

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