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Hi Tom,

The Setup Wizard is for a quick basic setup and does not address all the various interfaces and hardware you could possibly use with HAL.

The same is true for the Old version 3 of HALdeluxe you own... To access the complete variety of possible hardware interfaces you need to open System Settings.

In the screen shots i previously posted to this thread, you will notice that the product I was using was HALhms and the window open was System Settings. This is the same window you would have used in HALdeluxe for such settings. You can find HAL System Settings under the HAL Program Folder in the Windows Start Menu or from the HAL Ear popup menu.

BTW HALhms stands for Home Manager System which is a managed version of HAL we sell to our dealers.

If you continue to have problems simply call our support line 855 4-HAL-Help


Tim Shriver
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