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Originally Posted by djewell View Post
I had the same problem and wonder if I found a glitch, if I have my caller id announce set to once it will announce, if it is set to until answered it will not announce
Hi David,

We are unable to reproduce that issue. Please make sure you have set a message to be announced after the initial announcement. Also if the answering machine in HAL picks up the "After the first announcement" text, the announcements will stop. I had to turn off the answering machine to test completely as I would initially only hear the first Announce text and then just on iteration of the After first announce text. When I turn the answering machine off, the announcement continued.

attached is a thumbnail of the settings I used which worked fine.

Also as an FYI, we had a remote session into Mr. Holt's computer and it turned out he wasn't getting any caller ID into his computer even with HAL off...


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