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Default Re: HAL, Amazon Echo/Dot, SMS, and TV Control

As an FYI I personally found it easier, when using Alexa to turn off groups, to create a fake x10 device with a letter code I am not using and have HAL rules run off of that turning off or on. Example (Inside Light, HAL Virtual (Custom) X10, with code E07). Add that in the bridge then can say, "Alexa turn on inside lights". I may be making it more difficult, but works better for me.

I do have a question regarding the .bat file running the open command prompt. In the VERY APPRECIATED and EASY TO FOLLOW directions for HAL BWS Setup, it states, " Remember to remove this after testing or it will be nuisance when everything is working well and you simply want to close the window". Is this referring to the pause command? Is there a way for the cmd window to close and the Echo still see those connected devices? It appears when I close down the window, the Echo cannot control the lights. Thanks!
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