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Default No phone message playback

I'm using the Way2call pro (USB) with the latest version of Hal Ultra on a Win 10 PC. Almost everything works. I can use my in house phones to issue commands, etc. Unfortunately, when I use the in house phones to listen to my messages, I can't here the message. Hal acknowledges the command but then just sits there and does nothing. In order to do anything else, I have to hang up and then connect to Hal again before I can issue any more commands. I seem to be able to do anything else with the in house phones, via Hal.

I have a similar problem when using Home Net remotely. I don't hear the phone messages playback. Neither my iPad nor Android devices will playback the audio messages anymore. They used to. If I use Google Remote Desktop to remotely control my home automation PC, I can use Home Net to listen to the messages.

These problems first popped up 3 or 4 updates ago. Does anyone have any ideas? I sent a request to tech support a few weeks ago but haven't heard back yet.
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