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Question Insteon Device On as a trigger

I am usually pretty good at low-level programming, but have been stuck recently hoping for some help.

I have a light on an X10 switch. I have an insteon 8 button remote that controls all the other lights in this area. For some wiring and financial reasons, I would like to keep this one light on X10, but operate it from the insteon switch.

I have the insteon switch paired with an outdoor insteon on/off adapter. I have a rule stating when that adapter is ON then it should turn on the X10 device. I also have an added variable that it needs to be in the House Mode Summer as the insteon adapter is used in the winter for my Holiday Decorations.

If I turn on the adapter with HAL, then it does indeed turn on the X10 device. If I use the remote Insteon switch to turn on the adapter, the X10 device does not turn on, but HAL does seem to know that the insteon device is on, at least when I go to Homenet to check.

Any ideas or help would be welcomed!

I have a working "virtual switch" in an X10 on/off swtich. When it is turned on (this is hard-wired) it has a rule that turns on Insteon devices in that room. It works well.

Thanks again to anyone that takes the time to read this and attempts to help!

- John
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