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Default Re: Insteon Device On as a trigger

Using the monitor function (right click ear icon in task bar, then selecting monitor option), then select devices. After that when you trigger the insteon remote, do you see it in the log as HAL receiving an "on" command?

I have several of those 4 button on/off insteon remotes and I have rules set up to do different things, including controlling X-10 devices and mine works with no problem. Am wondering if HAL is even receiving the "on" command from the insteon remote or not?

If it is, I'd re-examine your rule, maybe something with the secondary condition isn't processing correctly. I'd remove the secondary condition, save, then trigger the remote and see what is logged in the monitor screen. If that works then it's your secondary condition causing the problem.

If you don't see the insteon device "on" command being received by HAL in the monitor, then there's something wrong with the setup of the insteon remote in HAL. I'll be happy to send you a screen shot of how I have mine configured if that helps.

Looking back at your message and reading a second time, you want the X10 device to turn on "IF" the insteon device becomes on? If so, you might try doing a 5 or 10 second delay that rule to see if that may help. Something like this: IF Insteon device becomes on, then in 5 seconds turn on X10 device. Your other option is to set a flag, something like this: Inflatables ON, then do something, then in 3 seconds set FLAG X10Device to "TRUE". Then create another rule that IF flag X10Device becomes "TRUE" then turn on the X10Device in 2 seconds.

Let me know what you find out after troubleshooting or trying the recommended approach above. I'm happy to help where I can.

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