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Default Re: Cannot add Blocked numbers

The attached screen shot shows what happens when I right-click on a phone number I want to add to the blocked list from the Incoming Calls screen. The only thing I can do with the mouse is highlight Add to Directory and then select Fname, Lname or Company name, I am unable to continue down the menu to highlight Add to Blocked List, the cursor ignores that section. And if I try Add to Directory by Company Name, the name is not added to the directory so that I can not go back into the added name and make it a Blocked contact. Additionally, when I turn on the answering machine and call my house, HAL will answer the phone, but does not play the outgoing TTS message, its just silent. Also, if I leave a message, its not recorded. I have the latest update installed that I downloaded last night and the issue still exists. The caller ID announcement works fine and the phone is answered, but no sound on the callers end, not even a beep. My HAL computer is running Windows 10 now, so I am not sure if this is a conflict between HAL and Windows 10 because I did not have this issue with Windows XP or Windows 7.
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