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Currently there is no way to prompt for variable responses. In an upcoming release we will allow you to create an Action "Ask Variable" in which case you can create a TTS prompt tied to a HAL Variable and optionally also speak the contents of the HAL Variable.

So you could pose a Question ""It is 5pm. Do you want to eat?" if the check box is enable to also speak the variables, then you would also hear "apple, banana, orange" After the users response the Variable would be then set to the value which would trigger a Variable Change Event which could be evaluated in the Rules. If there was a time out / no response, the variable would be set to "No Response" which could also be evaluated in the rules area. You would simply have to create a HAL Variable with the desired choices before creating the Action "Ask Variable".

This Action has lots of possibilities such as a Macro "Raise the Bed". The Ask Variable could be "How far? a little, half way, all the way?"

Currently you can create a conditional macro with "Ask Yes/No" but you have to pose your prompt in a way to get a yes or no response and proceed from there.


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