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Sorry to original poster (kind of side tracked this post)...

I'm running windows 7 sp1. not sure what happened... but confirmed that firewall was off. HA-Bridge to HAL seemed fine. I could find devices and test them in HA-Bridge fine. But Alexa to Bridge... I could see all devices and it discovered them... but when telling Alexa to turn something on, it was followed by 15-20 pause and she'd say "OK"... but nothing ever happened... usually I may get on device turn on/off after reboot everything. before upgrading HAL... everything ran smooth.. only thing that changed was upgrading HAL... the weird thing as noted was... I had to use compatibility mode... I reran the install after upgrading to .39 (this time I took away comp mode) and it ran fine. So not sure when changed but HA-Bridge doesn't like HAL PC anymore. I had an old Raspberry Pi (original model B) that was collecting dust... So I loaded up a stripped down headless version of Linux (Raspbian Jessie lite) and loaded java and HA-Bridge. Runs awesome and all is friendly again in the automation world

HALpro v7.2.7
Win 7
HAL voices US/UK
Tell Me v2.7.0

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