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Default Z-Wave - compatible controllers

can you please clarify the Z-Wave interface requirements for HAL.

In the Security & I/O topic, it appears two z-wave units are mentioned:
Vizia RF and VRC0P with a +3

I have just received a Leviton Z-Wave interface - it appears to match both devices mentioned: Vizia rf+ VCROP-1LW

On the underside of the device, it is labelled "vizia rf + 3 Catalog No. VRCOP"

Is this all that is needed to work with HAL for lighting and general control, or is a second device of some sort required?

[I have various z-wave devices set up at present, using a Vera controller/interface].

I bought the VRCOP to try with my HAI Omni, but as it appears to also be the one required for HAL, I think it would better used this way if suitable.
Robert Jenkins
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