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Default Way2Call Desktop pro

Bit the bullet and got the Way2Call Desktop Pro. everything seems great except one major part of the modem... It does not hangup when someone leaves a message (or the answering machine picks up in general). caller ID works 100% which I really wanted... sound quality is great... but when I leave a message or let the answering machine pick up... it keeps the phone off the hook. Another interesting note, when I manually hangup the phone from the phone pad... it still keeps recording the message until the time limit set for the mailbox. so I left a 5 second message... and no matter how long... the message will always be 2 mins. I've tried modem silence detection as well as software silence detection with same results. HAL hangs up the phone after every other event... just not when answering machine is involved... Is this a bug? or just my setup? Thanks! I went back to the VP100 and everything works as advertised again (except caller ID only works 50-60% of the time).
HALpro v7.2.7
Win 7
HAL voices US/UK
Tell Me v2.7.0
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