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Default Re: Windows 10 (Issues?)

Originally Posted by DadGoneMad View Post
Hello and good morning to all...

I recently upgraded from Win7 Ultra to Windows 10 and am running HALPro 6.0.42. I am having a problem with bringing up HALHomeNet. I've tried using the new MS Browser, and Chrome, but neither will come up when I attempt to launch "View HALHomeNet" from the menu.

Anyone have any ideas if there are issues with HALHomeNet and Microsoft's new Browser or if it might be a Windows 10 issue?

Any guidance or advice is appreciated.

Have you tried to reinstall HALpro after the update? Also the latest public release is v6.0.45.

We have had one report of a customer that could not use Edge on the HAL system to view HomeNet, but could use Edge from another Windows 10 system to connect to HomeNet.

Please let me know if reinstalling HAL addresses your problem. If you continue to have a problem please submit a Help Desk ticket.


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