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Default Re: Caller ID - Rings but No Announcement

Originally Posted by Mike View Post

It almost looks to me like the modem is not reporting the CID data back to the application. This could be due to incorrect initialization settings for the modem. Can you open the telephone configuration area in HAL and make sure your modem type is selected and hit the Apply button.
Also, much of the telephone configuration settings are now stored in the Windows registry. It looks like you posted pictures of the older settings in the INI file. However, I will have someone on our development team verify that the CID settings are being properly saved and utilized.

All the pictures are copied after I completed the upgrade. I noticed one of the last date was sometime in January. I opened the telephone configuration and made sure that HAL had the correct modem and then clicked on Apply. I shut down HAL and rebooted, I opened the telephone configuration and there were no changes from the original copy that I sent you. I compared them line by line. I also made a test call with the same results, two tone bursts and nothing else. The HAL welcome message when restarted plays also.

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