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Default Re: Upgrade crashes, system unstable,20 years user

Well after the modem fiasco with win 10, have to get a new modem? When I already have two pci 100 voice portal? Sounds similar to when the last time you guys didnít predict carefully the modem issue and couldn't get them in stock a few years back. I did my own Tec support. ( Thanks Tyler for your help, you tried. Modem didn't work and I got stuck for a 450.00 dollar to but a way2call modem in which HoAutoLivn wouldn't refund. So I got rid of ultra installed a old version of deluxe, Some people just want the basics, didnít need one since 2000, subscription for maintenance, wouldn't need it if you did your home work and paid someone to build the drivers for win10 64bit that would of worked with the pci100 voice portalÖ
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