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Default Arming Separate Areas

Hi All,

Does anyone know if its possible to have HAL monitor separate areas? I have a Gem9600 with 2 Security Areas set up. One is the upstairs (my place) and the second is the basement (college students - daughter). In the alarm setup, I have these setup as Area 1 and Area 2. Each can be alarmed individually.

This is useful when Area 1 is alarmed and area 2 is not and vice versa. At the keypad for the alarm, this can be done by area. So, when Area 1 has all zones ready to arm, Area 2 may have a window cracked or a door open and it is NOT ready to arm. Unfortunately, HAL shows this as SYSTEM NOT READY and I am unable to ARM either zone with HAL and have to use the keypad.

Short of bypassing all the zones in an Area to arm it, does anyone know if HAL can send the ARMING command for an independent area?



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