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Default Re: x10 message flood

Hi David,

This is pretty radical, but I would turn off all the breakers except for the one that your X-10 power line interface is on. If the A9 stops, start turning on breakers until it starts. Then unplug whatever may be on the circuit you just turned on that could be causing noise. It doesn't have to be an x-10 device to be generating noise that is interpreted as an x-10 signal.

If you turn off all the breakers except the one you have your x-10 PLM on and still have the A9, then move your X-10 PLM to another circuit, and turn off the breaker that you originally had the X-10 PLM on. if the problem follows you, try another x-10 PLM.

Please let us know what you discover.

Best Regards,

Tim Shriver
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