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Default Missing Voices / Voices Crashing

For some reason, I only have one HAL Voice now- Mike. I am quite sure there was a HAL female voice, but I can't remember 'her' name. Anyway, she no longer appears as available. I've tried to re-install HAL Voices but that didn't help.

Second, voices seems to cause HAL to crash 80% of the time. I have the voice set to "Mike", and usually, when Mike is supposed to speak, he doesn't, and HAL completely stops responding. I have to force end the processes and reload. This is quite annoying as HAL runs several automated lighting tasks for me.

I'm running on Server 2008R2 with 8GB RAM and plenty of processing power I installed version 7.0.26 or whatever exact version that is, but again, when HAL is supposed to speak, it crashes.

Any ideas, HAL tech support?
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