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Default Re: Windows 10 and now no Weather Information is on them. Instead of doing an update when the weather web site changed that they scrape from, they just went...sorry...upgrade or else. To me, it is like buying a car. New model came out so your radio stops working. Do you 'need' your radio? No. Your brakes still work, so you should continue to be happy.

The person stated it stopped working for every version except version 6 in June..regardless of OS.

I have started writing my own using Soapbox Fluent Dwelling. It is a FREE API for programming Insteon devices and it walks you through each step...VERY easy.

For 4 hours of coding; I can turn on/off/dim, discover, name, etc....on all my devices, use Microsoft speech and now working on a scheduling/scene part....and it is FREE....without HAL. I would rather put my money into myself than into a product that may stop working..whenever.

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