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HALws HALws is a web service that provides a means of retrieving the status and information about a device or element configured in HAL as well as a means of control through the use of a RESTful api that can be called from anywhere in any programming language.

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Default HALws Documentation

The following link will always contain the most current version of the HALws Documentation.

We will post new features of HALws in this forum area when they are released in new HAL software builds. Currently the following areas are covered by HALws:
  • DeviceService - DeviceData
  • ModeService - ModeData
  • SceneService - SceneData
  • GroupService - GroupData
  • MacroService - MacroData
  • HVACService - HVACData
  • SecurityService - SecurityData
  • IrService - IrData
  • TelephoneService - TelephoneData
  • DMCService - DMCData
  • DVCService - DVCData (under development)
  • ShoppingService - ShoppingData (* under development)
  • SpeechService - SpeehData
  • Schedule Service (under development) - ScheduleData (* under development)
  • EMCService - EMCData (* under development)
  • RulesData (under development)
  • InternetService - InternetData (* under development)
  • HALService - HALData
* Scheduled for next release

Please let us know if there is a specific area not addressed by HALws that would be beneficial.


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