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Telephony This conference is for topics related to HAL's telephony features (voice mail, Caller ID announcing, call intercept, etc.)

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Default Re: Caller ID

Positively yes.

It has the updated firmware. I really am not sure what could have went wrong... maybe the modem is just malfunctioning. It does answer calls, but all as anonymous. It stopped working around October when I had to reinstall HAL. I cannot remember why I needed to reinstall, but I did.

Oddly, my HAL install file structure seems odd in the Windows application list. HAL2000 is still listed and that is where the working license manager is located. In the HALUltimate folder there is a license manager link that goes to a non-working license manager program.

Although, I do not believe my modem is a HAL issue, it is just odd these things all occurred.
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Default Re: Caller ID

Why don't you call into our support desk tomorrow and see if one of the tech can help you. I'm sure they can at the very least clear up your HAL2000HALultra folder issue.

Tim Shriver
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