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Lightbulb Weather Station Info to Variables:

Am hoping someone can help me here. I am running HalPro and a few upgrades ago I noticed that the Data Log now periodically shows "WEATHER STATION" data in the data event log. An example of what I see is included below:
3/23/2020 07:31:16 - Weather Station: Outside Temp: 67.6
3/23/2020 07:31:16 - Weather Station: Barometric Pressure: 30.02
3/23/2020 07:31:16 - Weather Station: Wind Direction: East
3/23/2020 07:31:16 - Weather Station: Wind Direction Degrees: 92
3/23/2020 07:31:16 - Weather Station: Wind Speed: 0.0
3/23/2020 07:31:16 - Weather Station: Outside Humidity: 99
3/23/2020 07:31:16 - Weather Station: Daily Rainfall: 0.00

It would be VERY beneficial to be able to set values and variables using this data, especially to automate things like thermostats if the outside temperature goes above a certain value, and if the Daily Rainfall was over a certain value not to run the sprinklers since rain may be above a certain threshold.

How can I set up a Variable or Flag to change and assign the value of some of these "WEATHER STATION" results showing up in the log?

This is a feature that would be beneficial for a LOT of folks I would think.

Thanks and please advise if this is possible or you would consider adding as a feature in the next update?

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