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Default HAL and Echo - let's work

This is just my plug on how I believe HAL could dominate the market utilizing the Echo.

Here is what I'd love the two to merge, because let's face it, they are both GREAT!

People don't like or know how to program. So, HAL should exploit the idea of allowing people to do this:

"Alexa, start scheduler"...(HAL's of course)....Scheduler Open.
"Every Tuesday at 5 pm, turn on the outside light"....Okay.

No One has this except HAL. If people can program without programming, through the 5.1 Million Echos, I say.
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Default Re: HAL and Echo - let's work

Definitely would be great if you could use Google Home or Echo to communicate with Hal to issue commands. Turn on lights, read messages, in 10 minutes turn off outside lights, turn on TV, etc. The microphones in these devices are awesome. I pre-wired my house to use microphones in each room to control Hal. But the special mixers were too much to deal with and expensive, plus voice control with a TV or radio on in the room was hopeless.
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