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I said the attention word, but HAL's not responding.


  • If you don't hear what you just recorded, then the microphone may not be working or isn't installed properly. Make sure that the microphone is installed correctly (consult the computer's or microphone's documentation for information on installing the microphone). If the microphone is installed correctly but there's no audio, then install a new microphone.
  • If you can hear what you recorded, but the audio is scratchy, intermittent, or otherwise difficult to understand, then the microphone may be going bad or is of poor quality. Replace the microphone and re-run the Sound Recorder program to see if the audio has improved.
NOTE: A computer consumes very little energy and can be left on all the time. Computer monitors do not need to be turned on when HAL is running, unless the computer's microphone is part of the monitor or powered by the monitor, in which case the monitor only needs to be on when you're interacting with HAL through that microphone.

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