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I see a HAL Internet Maintenance screen appear sometimes when opening HAL or at certain times while HAL is running. Is there a problem?


  • Shut down HAL (even if the maintenance warning is showing).
  • Click Start... Run... and type the location where HAL was installed (default location is c:\Program Files\HAL). Windows Explorer will open to the contents of the HAL folder.
  • Double-click on the "Data" folder.
  • In the Data folder you will see some files called TVList. Delete these files (tvlist.cdx, tvlist.fpt and tvlist.dbf). If others appear in this folder that start with TVList they are also safe to delete. (Please note: HAL's TV listing data will be updated automatically the next time HAL connects to the Internet and downloads.)
  • In the Windows Explorer "Address" field, type the location of the "Windows" folder (usually c:\windows).
  • Double-click on the file HAL.ini. The file should open using Notepad.
  • In the [Internet] section, locate the line that says LastTVListingsUpdate=[date]. Delete the date so that the line just shows LastTVListingsUpdate=. Save and close the HAL.ini file. This step is necessary to have HAL download TV Listings information starting with today.
  • Start HAL. You will not see the maintenance screen for a long time. If you do see it again it should only appear for a short period of time. If it stays for long periods then you may want to repeat the above steps.
  • Do steps 1 and 2 above. (You could also click the "Back" button in the Windows Explorer screen to go to the "HAL" folder.)
  • Double-click on the "HAL System Configuration.exe" file. A warning will appear stating that HAL is not running -- click OK. The main HAL Settings screen will appear. Double-click on Internet. The Internet Configuration screen will appear.
  • Click on the TV Listings button. Click next to "TV Listings Enabled" to disable this feature (checkmark disappears).
  • Click Done to save the changes and close the Internet Configuration screen. Click Done again to close the main HAL Settings screen.
  • Start HAL. It will not download TV listings information until the service is enabled, so the maintenance screen will no longer appear or be performed. Please note that this also means that you can not ask HAL for TV listings information.
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